Course Outline: SGDA Dyslexia Professional Refresher Course 

SGDA Training Course For Professionals

SGDA Professional

SGDA registered professionals that received training two or more years ago may enroll for this refresher course.

Registration Fee: R2 850 per delegate

CPD Points: 16

Duration: 5 hours

After registration, you will only have access for 21 days during which you have to watch the presentations and complete the quizzes.

Only HPCSA registered individuals who have successfully completed the professionals course and is a registered SGDA professional can enrol for the refresher course.

Important Information & Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Procedure
  3. Decoding
  4. Encoding
  5. English Phonetic Equivalents
  6. Afrikaans pPhonetic Equivalents
  7. Phonetic Encoding
  8. DST Case Studies
  1. Introduction
  2. Dysnemkinesia (Motoric Dyslexia Testing)
  3. Decoding Time Criteria
  4. Eidetic Decoding Forms
  5. Mode of Decoding
  6. Eidetic Encoding
  7. Case Studies
  8. Summary DST & DDT
  9. This is me heroes
  1. Internship Process & Program
  2. Marketing SGDA Assessments Process
  3. The Report
  1. Introduction & Explination
  2. Adult Assessment
  3. Summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Facts about Dyslexia
  3. Signs of Dyslexia
  4. Difficulties & Strenghts in school
  5. 7 Myths about Dyslexia
  6. Outlay of the SGJDA Assessment
  7. 30 Questions asked to parents
  8. Visual Perception and Examination
  9. Visual Spatial Relations
  10. Eidetic Decoding
  11. Phonological Awareness Skills Test

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