What details must be provided to SGDA on registration of the SGDA dyslexia training course for professionals?

  1. Email the following information to development@sgda.co.za
  2. Full name & surname
  3. Business name (if applicable)
  4. HPCSA no.
  5. Physical address and street code
  6. Email address
  7. Contact number


What is the difference between the SGDA full kits, the half kits and the replacement kits?

  1. Before starting with your internship, an SGDA dyslexia full kit (Afrikaans or English) needs to be purchased to be able to do the internship (you will need the Word List books)
  2. Once all 10x assessment materials have been used, a replacement kit needs to be ordered.
  3. Should you, for instance, buy a full English kit and also decide to administer Afrikaans assessments, you need to order an Afrikaans half kit which includes the Word List books.


How many assessments can be done with one SGDA dyslexia assessment kit?

  1. 10 KITS. after that, a replacement kit needs to be ordered.
  2. The computer system automatically blocks all incoming assessments for marking and reports if new assessment material is not ordered.


Can I mark and write a report on dyslexia assessments?

  1. No, all SGDA assessments are marked, and reports are generated at SGDA Head Office.


What is the cost of marking and report of dyslexia assessments?

  1. R300 per assessment. Invoices will be emailed every week.
  2. R200 per re-evaluation
  3. R200 for a Junior Dyslexia Assessment
  4. R200 for an Adult Dyslexia Assessment


When can I expect to receive assessment reports?

  1. 3-5 working days


Where do I order SGDA dyslexia assessment material from?

  1. Send an email to development@sgda.co.za and indicate the specific SGDA dyslexia assessment kit, e.g. English Full Kit.


Does it include courier fees?

  1. YES.


After completing the SGDA dyslexia course for professionals, when do I start with the internship?

  1. Internships should be done directly after the course is completed.


What are the deadlines for the internships?

  1. Professional Course: 6 months.
  2. Dyslexia Junior Course: No internship
  3. Refresher Course: 4 months
  4. Teachers Course: 6 months
  5. Dyslexia Therapy Course: 4 months


Will I have to use my SGDA assessment material to complete my internship?

  1. Send an email to reports@sgda.co.za, and SGDA’s Psychometrist will email the documentation.


Do I get an SGDA registration number?

  1. YES.


Will my details as an SGDA professional / therapist reflect on the SGDA website?

  1. Yes, if Head Office receives a signed consent form.


What procedure must I follow to order SGDA dyslexia assessment material?

  1. Send an email to development@sgda.co.za and indicate the specific SGDA dyslexia assessment kit, e.g. English Full Kit.
  2. An invoice will be emailed, and upon receipt of P.O.P., the parcel will be delivered via courier.


What is the cost of an SGDA dyslexia assessment?

  1. Depending on the area, ±R2 500 per dyslexia assessment. This includes a feedback session with parents.
  2. An extra charge of R300 for marking and reporting.
  3. An extra charge of R380 for assessment material.


May I determine my tariffs?

  1. YES.


What is the duration of an SGDA dyslexia assessment?

  1. ± 2 hours


After completing the Dyslexia Therapy Course, are there any other financial expenses?

  1. Before starting with the Therapist Internship program, you must order option # 1 or option # 2 of Therapy Kits.
  2. Send enquiries regarding SGDA dyslexia therapy kits to development@sgda.co.za.


Is the SGDA Dyslexia Therapist Internship compulsory?

  1. The internship is only compulsory should one wish to become a registered SGDA Therapist.


Will I receive a certificate after completion?

  1. Certificates for the Teachers Course have generated automatically via the website after completing the course.
  2. Other certificates will be emailed from our Head Office.