Reading Anxiety

When a child with reading anxiety is called upon to read in class, his/her mind instantly becomes flooded with worries: fears that he/she will stumble over […]

Jim Mc Carthy – A Dyslexic Visual Artist’s Story

My name is Jim Mc Carthy. I'm an Irish Visual Artist, and sign my work as 'Jim'. I'm from Co. Cork in the South of Ireland. […]

Why should dyslexics be allowed more time when writing tests

Why should dyslexics be allowed more time and preferably the maximum allowed, when writing tests, exams and executing assignments? In order to understand the concept of […]

Dyslexia and Prejudice

  Stigma and prejudice. Not effectively evaluating the prevalence of dyslexia has left our education system in a perpetual state of trauma, and is a significant […]