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Compiled by Sandra Stark

An inspirational read for the Dyslexic. From cover to cover inspirational success stories of 23 amazing South African Dyslexics who struggle with reading and writing.

Read about their journey of discovery, learning and understanding. Finally, recognizing that the sky is the limit for dyslexics.


Stories about amazing South African people with dyslexia. (Specific Learning Disorder).

“Although it has been tough having dyslexia, it has taught me to be creative and see things in a different way to other people. If I could choose to get rid of it or keep it, I would keep it. I would not be me if I didn’t have it.” – Ivan Babic

“And now I’m a boarder in High School.  My mom can’t help me anymore and it’s entirely up to me to step up to the plate.  It’s a decision I made myself, and, although it’s tough sometimes, I have no doubt it was the correct one.” – Liam Jooste

“I discovered that I possessed skills that the kids that found reading and writing easy did not have.” – André van Helsdingen

So many stories, so few pages. From cover to cover you will find inspiration from the true stories of children and adults, who, like you, struggle with reading and writing. Join us on this journey of discovery, learning, understanding and finally recognizing that the sky is the limit, even for you.