Help, my child has been diagnosed with Dysgraphia


by Sandra Stark

When a child has been diagnosed with Dysgraphia, the road ahead might seem concerning and confusing for parents.  They have so many questions that needs answering. By learning what to watch for, parents be proactive about getting help for their child. This book explains strategies and therapies that can help a child improve his writing.


The Stark-Griffin Dyslexia Academy (SGDA) is a registered company that provides professional development and capacity building to individuals who work with the dyslexic population. We incorporate the neuroscience of dyslexia to enable HPCSA – registered psychologists, psychometrists, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and optometrists to specifically diagnose dyslexia in seven categories and six severity levels. We foster the best practices of inclusive education to construct learning enrichment curricula and teacher training programs to assist and accommodate the learner who experiences barriers to learning. Our main focus at SGDA is the direct diagnosis of learning disorders.

SGDA is the culmination of the diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders in South Africa and since 2010 we have been working towards providing equal opportunities for every student especially the dyslexic learner. Our conviction is that the advantages of specific learning disabilities far outweigh its associated challenges.