The Stark Griffin Super School Readiness Course

Welcome to the Stark Griffin Super School Readiness Course

This course consists of fifteen modules which need to be completed within 5 weeks from date of registration. Each lesson is followed by a quiz with a pass mark of 80%. You will not be granted access to the next lesson until you successfully complete the quiz. For the majority of lessons, the quiz will consist of 10 questions. Module 14 is a comprehensive assessment in the form of case studies.

On successful completion of all fifteen modules you have six months to purchase the Stark Griffin Super School Readiness Assessment kit, complete the required internship and thereafter register as a SGDA Professional.

Please download the manual, print, and bind it. The contents correlate with the presentations you will be watching and there is space to make notes.

Download Training manual here. 

As with live training, additional information is shared by Sandra during the presentation and this information can form part of the quiz. Take note that you will not be able to access the presentations after completion of course, thus notes are extremely important.