The Stark Griffin Dysgraphia Course

Welcome to the SGDA Dysgraphia Training Course for Professionals 

This course consists of thirteen modules which need to be completed within 42 days from date of registration. Each lesson is followed by a quiz with a pass mark of 80%. You will not be granted access to the next lesson until you successfully complete the quiz.

As with live training, additional information is shared by Sandra during the presentation and this information can form part of the quiz.

The thirteen modules will provide training in the following:

  1. What is Dysgraphia?
  2. Etiology of Dysgraphia
  3. Signs of Dysgraphia
  4. Skills required, Skills affected and Physical Factors
  5. Comorbid Learning Disorders in Dysgraphia
  6. Psychological Processing of Writing
  7. Neuroanatomical Model of Writing and Dysgraphia
  8. Types of Dysgraphia
  9. Diagnosis of Dysgraphia
  10. Diagnosis of Dysgraphia – Case Study
  11. Administering the Stark-Griffin™ Dysgraphia Assessment
  12. Dysgraphia Therapy
  13. Strategies to achieve success

Please download the manual below before you start with the training course here.