Stark Griffin Dyslexia Academy


We incorporate the neuroscience
of dyslexia to enable HPCSA registered
professionals and teachers to significantly
impact the lives of children with dyslexia


SGDA Dyslexia Training Course for Professionals

HPCSA registered professionals – optometrists, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and psychometrists – are allowed to register for this training and offer assessment services once successfully completed.

Registration Fee: R3,900.00 per delegate

CPD Points: 24

Duration: 16 hours

Digital training available soon

Online training available soon!


SGDA Dyslexia Training Programme for Teachers

For centuries professionals have been querying the phenomenon of a scholar who may have normal sensory, perceptual, cognitive and motor abilities, and yet have marked difficulties decoding (reading) and encoding (writing) the written language. Parents of these children recognize their child’s adequate inherent intelligence but are puzzled as to why there is a problem with reading, writing and spelling. This paradoxical phenomenon is known as dyslexia, also referred to as a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) in the DSM V.

15 SACE points

Course fee R900.00

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Does your child suffer from Dyslexia?